Sainte Chapelle Recording session, August 13, 1976

Do you remember.........

......the grand end-of-Tour party (!) that followed this recording session?

[You'll note that this page is sadly short of reminiscences, a circumstance due in part to the fading memories of your ReTour webmaster. So if you have brief recollections or anecdotes, amusing or otherwise, about the recording session that you think all would appreciate, please e-mail them to Chris Morris, and he will do his best to work them into the page for everyone's enjoyment.]

Recording note: A nearly perfect recording! The only (tiny) mar is the brief, low-pitched sound of a passing truck heard in the very opening measures of the Missa Ave Maris Stella. During the post-Tour editing of this recording (this is the only recording that received such attention), John was distressed that it couldn't be removed. He was, after all, a perfectionist, so perhaps it could have been taken out with modern digital editing techniques?

Download complete recording session MP3s in ZIP file (66 Mb).

Sainte Chapelle