42nd Anniversary Tour - London & Bray - June 2018

This is it! The official 1976 European Tour website... and the source for all information about the 2018 ReReTour to London and Bray! This fabulous event was similar to the 2014 ReTour to Paris- but in English!

Posted here is key information about the 2018 ReReTour. And, to stir your memories, you will find here music from seven of our 1976 performances- six concerts and the end-of-tour recording session done at Sainte Chapelle.  Check out the Recordings pages and start singing! And visit the Photos page to see yourself as you were in 1976!

Also, if you missed them, to get a taste for the fun and spirit of the both the 2014 ReTour to Paris and the recent 2018 ReReTour to London & Bray, please visit the ReTour 2014 pages to find photos and music of the 2014 ReTour to Paris and the ReReTour 2018 pages for photos, and music of the 2018 ReReTour to England. If you were among those fortunate to be able to join us in Paris or in England (or both!), you'll have fun reliving those wonderful and rewarding experiences!

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Searchable Stentorian! 

Specifics of the ReReTour are posted on the ReReTour 2018 Details pages. During the event, we spent four days and nights in and around London during which we performed two concerts and, of course, rehearsed, had two grand dinners together, and did a lot of catching up with old friends. David, always our Tour manager, arranged two concerts- a Saturday afternoon concert at Southwark Cathedral in London, where you may recall we gave a concert on July 1, 1976 (and where John Harvard was baptized.... a few years earlier!) and a Sunday afternoon concert at Saint Michael's Church in Bray outside of London, which was where we gave the '76 Tour's very first concert on June 21, 1976.

As with the Paris ReTour, family members and partners were welcomed to come on the 2018 ReReTour- in addition to the 20 Tour alumni/ae who took part, 9 spouses and partners came. In Paris, in addition to the 21 Tour alumni/ae who were able to make it, 22 family members and partners came- including eight "children" who were of ages similar or not far removed from how old we were during the original Tour. It seemed pretty evident that they had a wonderful time, so it is hoped that the London and Bray ReReTour will also have a good number of family members and partners along for the experience!