ReReTour 2018 Details - Repertoire

Every Tour member, no doubt, has their favorite musical memories of the Tour and their favorite pieces that we performed in 1976- even if those 'favorites' lie in memories that haven't been revisited in many years.  We hope that the repertoire below includes at least one of your favorites!

The 2014 ReTour to Paris demonstrated that the music from 1976 did, indeed, come back to us as an ensemble more clearly and more quickly than might have been expected. Having said that, it was also clear that every minute of rehearsal was definitely needed! So while the repertoire listed may not seem like a lot (its total performance time is about 50 minutes which would lead to a total concert length of about an hour), to perform it well (even if not up to our 1976 standards) will take a lot of focus by everyone on the ReReTour.  The April rehearsal in Cambridge was a lot of fun, and the extent to which the pieces of the ReReTour repertoire below came back to us as an ensemble was very encouraging. 

But, still, we do hope that all participants in our ReReTour chorus, the '76 Re2Tour Ensemble, will do their best to relearn their parts of the repertoire before arriving in London in June. To help you along your way, please listen to the Tour recordings (click here!) and look (a lot!) at the PDFs of the music for which those who are ReReTour 2018 'Definites' have been sent download links.  As an ensemble, nothing can substitute for good preparation, and that starts now!

ReReTour Concert Repertoire

  • Josquin des Prez: Missa Ave Maris Stella



                                          Agnus Dei

  • Thomas Morley: The Service for the Burial of the Dead

  • William Billings: David's Lamentation

  • Virgil Thomson: Psalm 23

  • Randall Thompson: Alleluia

  • Johannes Brahms: O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf

  • as an encore, Bray concert only: The Vicar of Bray

And, though not to be performed in concert, the Collegium Musicum's traditional (in 1976, at least) 'thank-you piece', often performed for hosts:

  • Orazio Vecchi: Fa Una Canzone