Tour Recordings

We are fortunate to have in digital form all seven recordings made during the Tour. These were created by Chris Morris in 2002- six from audio tape copies made in 1978 from the originals which were then still in Holden Chapel and the seventh from a cassette discovered in 2002 by David Langstaff in his old tour files that his host at Pont-à-Mousson had made while sitting in the audience during our concert there! Chris' CDs were converted to MP3s when iPods came into existence.

Given the passage of time and the sometimes less-than-ideal technologies through which the music passed from the original recordings in 1976 to their digitization in 2002, the quality of the recordings is quite variable. But what has not been affected by either time or old technologies are the wonderful qualities of the performances themselves. We hope that you enjoy them too and that they bring back wonderful memories of the summer of 1976.

This website has a webpage for each of the tour recordings. You may reach these either by clicking on the links below or through the 'Recordings' drop-down menu at the top of each page. On each page, any or all of the concert's tracks may be listened to via streamed audio. Just click on the audio player's "play" button to start. In addition, below each audio player is a link to a (large) ZIP file that includes MP3 files of the whole concert- all ready to be burned to CDs or uploaded to your iPod or other MP3 player for off-line listening at any time. Enjoy!

York Festival, June 28, 1976
     Download complete concert MP3s in ZIP file (111 Mb)

Cheltenham Festival, July 5, 1976

     Download complete concert MP3s in ZIP file (110 Mb)

Brussels Concert, July 7, 1976

     Download complete concert MP3s in ZIP file (109 Mb)

Sainte Chapelle Concert, July 13, 1976

     Download complete concert MP3s in ZIP file (61 Mb)

Festival Estival Bach Orchestra Concert, July 15, 1976

     Download complete concert MP3s in ZIP file (96 Mb)

Pont-à-Mousson Concert, August 13, 1976

     Download complete recording session MP3s in ZIP file (118 Mb)

Sainte Chapelle Recording Session, August 13, 1976

     Download complete recording session MP3s in ZIP file (66 Mb)

A PDF file with a listing of the 1976 Tour's full repertoire and which shows in which of the Tour's seven recordings each piece is found may be downloaded here.

F. John Adams

As you may know, F.John died on
May 24, 2011, of complications of
early-onset Alzheimer's disease.
A service was held for John at Memorial Church in September of that year. Many remembered the profound impacts he had on their lives- both in music and beyond.

So, sadly, John will not be conducting us on our ReReTour. But he will, undoubtedly, still be an important part of the event as it can be difficult to sing or listen to the '76 Tour music without thinking of him on the podium.