ReReTour 2018 Details - Costs

It's always hard, when talking and getting excited about something that will be as fun and as meaningful as we expect the ReReTour to be, to introduce realities of life such as money, but the costs of the ReReTour must, of course, be shared by those taking part in it. For, to use a phrase 'popularized' by the Daily Stentorian in 1976, the ReReTour will be "at your own expense".

That said, we have tried to set up a ReReTour that will be as reasonably economic as possible while providing us all with some good opportunities to celebrate being together again after 42 years and to again sing portions of the repertoire that was the foundation of the Tour. While each ReReTour participant's costs of getting to and from England will not be insignificant, we sincerely hope that no one will be dissuaded from coming on the ReReTour because of the shared in-England costs that are outlined below.

The shared costs of the ReReTour are of two types: costs that will be divided among the number of Tour alumni/ae members attending the ReReTour (the "Base Costs") and costs that will be divided among the total number of ReReTour attendees- Tour alums and others who attend with them (the "Event Costs"). So, for example, if fourteen Tour alums participate in the ReReTour and those fourteen bring with them a total of nine family members, friends, etc., then the Base Costs will be shared by the 14 alums and the Event Costs will be shared by the 23 attendees.

The Base Costs are for things which, for the most part, have been or will be essential to the ReReTour happening at all. They are largely fixed,
irrespective of the number of Tour alums attending the ReReTour, and most of them have already been contracted or incurred by David and/or Chris. These are things such as payments to our concert and rehearsal venues, printing, this website, etc..  The Event Costs, on the other hand and as will be evident, are largely for collective fun times and are incurred on a 'per person' basis. While funds have already been expended for the ReReTour, the gross amounts shown should be considered estimates, though we are reasonably confident that the ultimate costs are unlikely to exceed the two 'Total' figures listed.


We ask that, by the end of May, each ReReTour 'Definite', send a check for $514 to cover their estimated Base Costs plus their estimated Event Costs. If one or more family members will accompany you to the ReReTour, please add another $204/person to that $514 to cover their Event Costs as well. While we (David and Chris) have been funding the ReReTour efforts thus far, we believe that it is appropriate to ask those coming to contribute to these costs. Following the ReReTour, there will be a reconciliation of all costs and contributions, and refunds will be made, if appropriate (or further contributions requested, if needed). Please send a check to Chris at:

Christopher W. Morris
741 Millbrook Lane
Haverford, PA 19041

Base Costs* (to be shared by attending Tour alums)

Estimated Cost/Alum*

  •  $176:   Concerts (incl. fees to churches), printing & rehearsal space

  •    $48:   Conductor's SF-Boston travel for Cambridge rehearsal

  •    $86:   Organizational costs

  • $310:   Estimated Base Cost per Tour alum

*Note: Assumes that 18 Tour alums attend the ReReTour.

Event Costs* (to be shared by all ReReTour attendees)

Estimated Cost/Attendee**

  •    $73:   Friday 'Welcome' reception & dinner

  •    $26:   Sunday London-Bray bus

  •  $105:   Sunday 'Farewell' dinner & party

  • $204:   Estimated Event Cost per ReReTour attendee

*Note: Assumes 28 full ReReTour attendees.**

**Note: Subsequent to the calculation and distribution of these figures, we were notified that a member's spouse had dropped out ot the ReReTour group.  Consequently, the ultimate per attendee cost of dinners and bus may be higher than shown above.