Brussels Concert, July 7, 1976

Do you remember.........

.....whether you visited Manneken Pis in Brussels as suggested by the Tour Book?

[You'll note that this concert page is sadly short of concert remembrances, a circumstance due, in part, to the fading memories of your ReTour webmaster. So if you have brief recollections or anecdotes, amusing or otherwise, about this concert that you think everyone would appreciate, please e-mail them to Chris Morris, and he will do his best to work them into the page for everyone's enjoyment.]

Recording note: This concert was broadcast nationally in Belgium, and the recording of that broadcast is generally fairly good. But whether due to the quality of the original tape or something in its digitization, portions of the concert's pianissimo sections (e.g. in the Alleluia) are 'wobbly' and/or quite faint.

Download complete concert MP3s in ZIP file (109 Mb).