ReReTour 2018 Details - Who's Coming!

A successful ReReTour 2018 depends on YOU! Not only does everyone want to see you again- whether it be after 42 years or 4 years- and find out what you've been up to, but we also need your voice! Two on a part will not be enough!

Time until the start of the ReReTour is growing short, so, as soon as you can, please let us know whether you will be able to join us in London and Bray in June 2018. And, if you know that you'll definitely be unable to make it, let us know that too. But either way- please stay in touch!

Please also let us know how many there will be of you at the ReReTour. Will you have a partner or family members or friends along to cheer us on at our concerts? Knowing this is important for planning purposes.

The list below shows those who are definitely planning to be part of ReReTour 2018.

The ReReTour 'Definites' (as of May 16, 2018).....


Victor Gavenda (2 total)


  • Wendy Bennett (2 total)

  • Judith Frankfurt

  • Laurie McNeil

  • Shira Perlmutter

  • Debbie Vilinsky (2 total)


  • Rick Farrar

  • David Langstaff (2 total)

  • Mabel Liang


  • Lucie Binger Spieler

  • Debbie Geismar (2 total)

  • Jennifer Highley (2 total)

  • Carol Hwang


  • Peter Dunn

  • Nathaniel Foote

  • Randy Kikukawa

  • Chris Morris (2 total)

  • Pere Pittard (2 total)

Non-singing, limited

  • Bonny Landers (2 total)

  • Meg Rosoff

A number in parentheses, if any, following a name indicates a ReReTour 'Definite's' total number of attendees, if more than the Tour alum herself or himself.