ReReTour 2018 Details - Maps

Below are two maps which various ReReTour places in London and Bray.  Clicking on the 'dropped pin' for a ReReTour place will cause a window to slide over from the map's left side (or up from its bottom) with ReReTour details about each particular place.  For additional information, see the ReReTour Details page.

Please note that, while the map "widget" of this website works on computers and, for the most part, on tablets (on those that have been tested), it does not appear to work well on phones (again, on those that have been tested).  If this is the case with your phone, to overcome this unfortunate limitation, it is suggested that you carefully drag the gray title bar at the top of the map to the far left so that the bar's far right upper corner is showing and then click on the "square" symbol which should open the map in Google Maps.