ReTour 2014 Concerts, June 14 & 15, 2014

The '76 ReTour Ensemble gave two concerts in Paris under the direction of Victor Gavenda. The first was on Saturday evening, June 14, 2014, at Saint Séverin, the church at which one of the '76 Tour's musical highlights took place- the performance of Bach's Magnificat and Cantata 191 with the Nouvel Orchestre de Radio-France, which was broadcast throughout France. The second concert, on Sunday afternoon, June 15, 2014, was at Saint Louis en I'lle, a beautiful small church on Ile Saint Louis. Both concerts were performed before surprisingly large audiences- thanks to the efforts of members of the group who blanketed the surrounding areas of Paris with flyers and leaflets in the days leading up to the concerts.

For more, see the image of the inside pages of the concert program (or click here to download a PDF of the complete concert program, which includes an English translation of the À propos de la ’76 ReTour Ensemble page), and use the media player to stream the full concert program along with a bonus track of rehearsal excerpts (or download the ZIP file of all the MP3s including the PDF of the concert program).

The ReTour Ensemble would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Victor Gavenda, former '76 Tour geologist and now music director extraordinaire, for his patience, care, and enthusiasm in turning, over the course of only three days, a collection of individuals with creaky memories and even creakier voices into a cohesive ensemble who came surprisingly close to the musical standards of 1976 and, much more importantly, who felt the bonds created by the music 38 years before reform with surprising and profound strength.

Finally, the ReTour Ensemble is also exceedingly grateful to Vincenzo Vanni, Gabrielle Roseman's sweetheart, for his efforts and expertise in recording the group's musical endeavors. His company and website are Le Carrozze Records and Studios and

Download complete concert MP3s (including the PDF of the concert program) in ZIP file (78 Mb).