Festival Estival Bach Magnificat & Cantata 191, July 15, 1976

Do you remember.........

......that John 'conducted' our rehearsals with the orchestra in three languages- English for us, French for the orchestra, and German for the alto soloist? .....that the orchestra's two flautists, when playing the flute duet of the Magnificat's Esurientes Implevit (track 11), seemed almost to be delightfully dancing with one another? .....that some of the orchestra's strings, apparently not enthused about being conducted by a young American, would deliberately play a measure or two behind in rehearsals? .....and that we gave a completely terrific performance (listen for yourself below)?

Also, check out Festival Estival's current website- Festival Estival- the second and fifth items (Juillet 13 & 15). It's our 1976 performance! Even after 42 years, they can't forget us!

Download complete concert MP3s in ZIP file (96 Mb).