ReReTour 2018 - the Second Time's a Charm!

We met in London on the afternoon of Thursday, June 7, 2018, for our first rehearsal. And thus began a remarkable and intense three-and-a-half days of music-making and the rekindling of friendships from long ago- and, above all, a fusion of the two. Like during the 2014 ReTour to Paris, it was wonderful to again discover that, musically, our collective 'muscle memories' of the 1976 Tour repertoire were so strong that the ensemble's comfort with the music became apparent by the time of the second rehearsal on Friday, and that, socially (and as is often learned at reunion-type events), we found that we were more connected with and/or more appreciative of our fellow choristers than we might have imagined possible 42 years before.

Four rehearsals, two big dinners, two remarkable concerts, and innumerable casual conversations, meals, strolls, and shared memories with the other alumni/ae of the 1976 European Tour were compressed into a brief span of time.  And this all took place in a London and Bray that, by themselves, evoked recollections of 1976. This is the 2018 ReReTour to London & Bray reduced to a few words.

However, as these words are but a weak substitute for actual conversation with someone who was in England for ReReTour 2018, those Tour alumni/ae who were regrettably unable to make the ReReTour are strongly encouraged to actually talk with someone who did! As old-fashioned as such a means of communication might be, it really is a good way to get a sense of those wonderful days together.

ReReTour 2018 Tour Book

Could there have been a ReReTour without a Tour Book? Yes- that's a rhetorical question, of course. But while the ReReTour's tour book didn't approach the 92-pages of the '76 Tour's tour book, for those who weren't in England, it can offer a further glimpse of how the ReReTour 'went down'. And for those who were in England but whose short-term memories are on the wane (that's most of us), it will remind you what you didn't miss! Click here to download the PDF.

ReReTour 2018 "Reunion Gift" Tile/Trivet

At the England ReReTour's 'Farewell Dinner' following the concert in Bray on Sunday, June 10, 2018, each ReReTour attendee received a tile/trivet which shows a map of England and northwestern Europe overlaid with the 1976 Tour's itinerary and complete listing of the Tour's itinerary and concert schedule. This was thought to be a more meaningful gift than a reunion hat or umbrella might have been. Click here to take a look at it (note: link does not work on a phone)!

Sufficient copies of the '76 Tour 'itinerary & concert tile' were made so that every alumni/ae of the 1976 Tour may have one- whether or not they were in England for ReReTour 2018.

So, please, if you were not in England and have not already been sent one of these '76 Tour trivets, and would like one, please e-mail Chris Morris with your snail-mail address and request one!

ReReTour 2018 Photos

A wealth of photographs documenting the music making, fun, and reconnecting that defined the 2018 ReReTour may be found here and on a Yogile page put together by Peter Dunn.

If you were part of ReReTour to London & Bray and can dig out more photographs that would be fun to share, please do add them to the ReReTour's Yogile page or send them via e-mail to Chris Morris to be added to this website.

ReReTour 2018 Concerts

The impetus for both the 2014 ReTour to Paris and the 2018 ReReTour to London & Bray was to provide an opportunity for the alumni/ae of the 1976 European Tour to perform together the music of the Tour- for the first time in many, many years.

And the two concerts of the England ReReTour did not disappoint. They were both well-attended, and, more importantly, the work done together by the group to bring the music up to a performance level was quite memorable.

Click here to find out more about the performances and to see (and download) the concert program.