1976 European Tour Photos

Below are photos taken during the original Tour. There are more images included here than were available at the time the first '76 Tour website was put together for the 2014 Paris ReTour, so take a look to see what you've missed. An attempt has been made to put the photos in chronological order and to identify where they were taken. If you believe that something in a photo has been incorrectly noted, please e-mail Chris Morris to let him know (with a reference to the date of the photo that can be seen in its 'pop-up' description).

Following the photos immediately below is a second frame of photos for which the locations and dates taken are unknown. Click here to go straight to that group and help us to identify them!

Many thanks to Randy Kikukawa, Bernie Kreger, Jana Matusz (Janet Mazur), and an unknown source or two for sharing their pictures. If you have some that you'd like to add to the collection, please e-mail them to Chris Morris. If possible, please include what you know about them- e.g. when and where they were taken, who's in them, etc..


Download ZIP file with all 1976 Tour photos [[link to come]].

Please help us identify the photos below!

We need your help with the photos below! Although we know generally in what country some of them were taken, we aren't able to do better than that to identify more specifically where and on what day of the Tour they were taken. While photos such as the ones taken on the tour buses are likely to be no more identifiable than "English bus" or "French bus", most of the others should be 'knowable'- if only we could remember!

All of the 25 photos in the frame below have been numbered for easy reference (see the 'pop-up' descriptions). If you can shed some light on any (or all!) of them, please e-mail Chris Morris with whatever you know (or can guess). He will periodically update this photo page to move firmly identified photos from below into the group of 'known' photos above. All help is appreciated!