Contact Information

Please feel free to contact either or both of us with questions or comments about anything related to this website or the 2018 ReReTour to London and Bray.

David H. Langstaff

Christopher W. Morris

And you may send an e-mail to ALL of the 'found' members of the 1976 European Tour that are listed on the 'Lost and Found' page (plus a few spouses & partners) by sending it to:!

Please note that, in order for you to send an e-mail to the 'everyone' list, the e-mail address from which you send must be on the list itself. If your e-mail address has changed since the 'everyone' list was put together or if you would like an additional e-mail added to the list (bearing in mind that you will then receive multiple copies of e-mails sent to the list), please e-mail your updated contact information to Chris Morris.

We ask also that this "everyone" e-mail address and list be used for only communications that are directly related to the 1976 Tour and the 2018 ReReTour.  Please do not use it for any other purpose, however worthwhile and even if there's some other HRCM connection involved.  Many people receive more e-mails than they care to get, and important ReReTour 2018 information might be overlooked if this address comes to be used for non-ReReTour purposes.