Lost & Found '76 Tour Members

We have e-mail contact information for the members of the 1976 European Tour who are listed below. They were all sent (to e-mail addresses that were current in March 2015 or, in a few cases, later) the March 25, 2017, e-mail that outlined the basics of the 2018 ReReTour to London and Bray and provided the link to this ReReTour website. We hope that they all received the e-mail. In the list below, those who we know have received word of ReReTour 2018 (because we've heard from them) are marked with an " * ". Those who are ReReTour 'Definites' are marked with a " **** " (also see the Who's Coming! page). If you see someone with whom you've kept in touch without an " * " by their name, it means that we haven't heard from them and thus may have incorrect contact information and can't be sure that they know of the ReReTour. Please reach out to them to let them know about it- and, of course, encourage them to come!

Found '76 Tour Members

  • Carol Augenblick Rolfe*

  • Wendy Bennett****

  • Miriam Berkman*

  • Lucie Binger Spieler****

  • Tom Bridge*

  • Peter Dunn****

  • Rick Farrar****

  • Tamzen Flanders*

  • Judith Frankfurt****

  • Nathaniel Foote****

  • Victor Gavenda****

  • Debbie Geismar****

  • Greg Gorden*

  • Nick Grabar*

  • Jennifer Highley****

  • Carol Hwang****

  • Randy Kikukawa****

  • J.B. Kittredge*

  • Bernie Kreger*

  • Bonny Landers****

  • David Langstaff****

  • Mabel Liang****

  • Margo Lukens*

  • Peter Lurye*

  • Jana Matusz (Janet Mazur)*

  • Laurie McNeil****

  • Paul Moravec*

  • Chris Morris****

  • Sally Nielsen*

  • Julie Parsonnet*

  • Shira Perlmutter****

  • Pere Pittard****

  • Gabrielle Roseman*

  • Meg Rosoff****

  • Bill Shebar*

  • Rod Skinner*

  • Jim Smith*

  • Joan Soble*

  • Corey Stone*

  • Betsy Tomic*

  • Dan Ullman*

  • Debbie Vilinsky****

  • Cathy Weary*

'Lost' '76 Tour Members

The whereabouts, e-mail or otherwise, of the following members of the 1976 European Tour are unknown to us and have thus not been made aware of the 2018 ReReTour to London and Bray. We very much hope that all Tour members will have the opportunity to come on the 2018 ReReTour and ask, if anyone knows how to contact any of this group, that you please let us know or else forward the March 25, 2017, 'ReReTour basics' e-mail to them so that they may, if they choose, let us know themselves whether they wish to be kept informed about the ReReTour.

  • Peter Clark

  • Jay Osepchuk

Deceased '76 Tour Members

To our knowledge, the below-listed members of the 1976 European Tour are, sadly, deceased. We will remember them when together in London and Bray.

  • F. John Adams

  • Betsy Griscom

  • Tom Lansdale

  • Brian McConville

  • Mark Rebick

  • Paul Schliesman

  • Ruth Van Kooy

  • Paul White