ReReTour 2018 - Photos

Take a look at us in London & Bray!

Below you will find photos (in rough chronological order) of the ReReTour to London & Bray- the rehearsals, group dinners, the concerts, and many times in between. If you weren't in England, take a look and see if you can figure out who's who-  it won't be that hard, as we've all changed only a very little. But you may be confounded by pictures of spouses or partners who you'll be trying to identify as a Tour alum who's aged (again- only slightly, of course). If you were fortunate enough to be in London & Bray, the photos should stir your memories!

Many thanks to Lucie Binger Spieler, Peter Dunn, Randy Kikukawa, Laurie McNeil, Kim Sauter (Chris Morris' sweetheart!), Debbie Vilinsky, and some unknown others for sharing their pictures. For a few more, check out the Yogile page set up by Peter Dunn.