ReReTour 2018 Details - Dates, Schedule & More

Below you will find the particulars of the ReReTour that are known as of late March 2017, including times and places for all rehearsals and the two concerts, excepting the rehearsals for which we are still seeking locations.

Beyond the performing and rehearsing, the ReReTour will include two "official" group dinners and get-togethers- a 'welcome' reception and dinner on Friday, June 8 and a 'farewell' dinner and party on Sunday, June 10. But there will be many, many opportunities for ReReTour attendees to dine and do things together outside of what's outlined below.

ReReTour Dates

Thursday, June 7, 2018 to Monday, June 11, 2018

ReReTour Schedule

Note: Clicking on a link of a location below will open the link's own web page while clicking on an address link will open a Google Map of the address that includes all ReReTour events at the address.

       Thursday, June 7

  • 3:00pm - 6:00pm

rehearsal at

Peregrine's Pianos

137A Grays Inn Road

London  WC1X 8TU

       Friday, June 8

  • 9:30am - 12:30pm

rehearsal at

a '76 Tour alum's private home

Near the intersection of Webber & Rushworth Streets in the Borough section of London- about a 15 minute walk from Southwark Cathedral.  See the Tour Book for address and contact information.

  • 2:30pm - 4:15pm

rehearsal at Southwark Cathedral

Cathedral Street

London  SE1 9DE

  • 7:00pm

Welcome dinner at Anchor - Bankside

34 Park Street


London  SE1 9EF

       Saturday, June 9

  • 10:00am - 11:00am

possible rehearsal in Garry Weston Library at Southwark Cathedral

rehearsal to be decided Friday afternoon

  • 11:00am - 12:30pm

rehearsal & concert warm-up at Southwark Cathedral

  • 1:00pm - ~2:15pm

concert at Southwark Cathedral

       Sunday, June 10

  • 11:00am

bus departs for Bray from

Club Quarters Hotel Trafalgar Square

8 Northumberland Avenue

London  WC2N 5BY

bus company: Candy Executive Coaches

  • ~12:15pm - 2:00pm

lunch on your own in Bray

  • 2:00pm

concert call & warm-up at Saint Michael's Church

High Street

Bray  SL6 2AB

  • 3:00pm - ~4:15pm

concert at Saint Michael's Church

  • ~4:15pm - 5:00pm

post-concert reception at Saint Michael's Church

  • 5:00pm

bus departs for London from Saint Michael's Church

returns to Club Quarters Hotel Trafalgar Square

  • 7:30pm

Farewell dinner at Carousel Restaurant

71 Blandford Street


London  W1U 8AB

       Monday, June 11

  • Departures


Please click here for information about the ReReTour repertoire.

London Lodging

The ReReTour's unofficial 'headquarters' hotel is noted below.  But, in truth, the only things that give it any HQ qualities are that your tour managers will be staying there and the bus that will take us to and from Bray will pick-up and drop-off at or in its vicinity.  The hotel is:

Club Quarters Hotel, Trafalgar Square

8 Northumberland Avenue

London  WC2N 5BY

Confusingly, the hotel also goes by (and books under) the name The Grand at Trafalgar Square- with a different website and different room availabilities but with the same address and main entrance,

London - Bray Transport


To further add to the experience, ReReTour 2018 is bringing back one of the '76 Tour's predominant non-musical elements- a tour bus! Bray is about an hour's drive outside of London, and Maidenhead, a town that's 1-1/2 miles from Bray, is about a 45 minute train ride from Paddington Station in London. Given the close timing of the Sunday concert in Bray and the ReReTour's farewell dinner that same evening, it makes sense to use a bus so that we can get back to London with some (brief) time to catch our breath, change for dinner, etc. (and, for those flying home the next morning, start packing).

A bus has been engaged from Candy Executive Coaches to pick us up at the Club Quarters Hotel, Trafalgar Square at 11:00am on Sunday, June 10 and take us to Saint Michael's Church in Bray.  Similarly, the bus will return us to the Club Quarters Hotel in London- departing Saint Michael's Church at 5:00pm.

Pre-ReReTour Rehearsal in Cambridge

The Cambridge rehearsal on April 14 was remarkably successful.  Led by Victor, the full repertoire was covered, and 'muscle memory' helped considerably! But! Nothwithstanding its success, it's still important for ReReTour 'definites' to spend some good time before arriving in London refamiliarizing themselves with the ReReTour repertoire.  We'd like our ReReTour concerts to come as close as possible to our 1976 standard.



We have done our best to find a balance between economy and comfort that encourages all to come.  Please click here for an outline of ReReTour costs that attendees are asked to share.